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by Frederick Crane, Roger Kerin, Steven Hartley, William Rudelius

10th Edition Online resource
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The Tenth Canadian Edition of Marketing provides students with a solid foundation of marketing principles that they need to become successful marketers in today's competitive business world. Written in an engaging, student friendly style with a strong pedagogical framework, Crane Marketing has been updated to reflect cutting edge topics, and exciting examples of marketing in Canada and around the world.
This leading marketing principles product continues to innovate with award winning Connect technology, and comprehensive resources to suit a variety of teaching and learning styles. 

Part 1 Initiating the Marketing Process
Chapter 1   Creating Customer Value, Relationships, and Experiences Through Marketing
Chapter 2   Developing Successful Marketing Strategies 
Appendix A:   Creating an Effective Marketing Plan 
Chapter 3   Scanning the Marketing Environment 
Chapter 4   Ethics and Social Responsibility for Sustainable Marketing
Part 2 Understanding Buyers and Markets
Chapter 5   Consumer Behaviour 
Chapter 6   Understanding Organizations as Customers 
Chapter 7   Reaching Global Markets
Part 3 Targeting Marketing Opportunities
Chapter 8   Marketing Research: From Information to Action 
Chapter 9   Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Part 4 Satisfying Marketing Opportunities
Chapter 10   Developing New Products and Services 
Chapter 11   Managing Products and Brands 
Chapter 12   Managing Services 
Chapter 13   Pricing Products and Services 
Appendix B:   Financial Aspects of Marketing 
Chapter 14   Managing Marketing Channels and Supply Chains 
Chapter 15   Retailing 
Chapter 16   Integrated Marketing Communications and Direct Marketing 
Chapter 17   Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations 
Chapter 18   Personal Selling and Sales Management
Part 5 Managing the Marketing Process
Chapter 19   Pulling It All Together: The Strategic Marketing Process 
Chapter 20   Using Social Media and Mobile Marketing to Connect with Consumers
New to this Edition

Enhanced Connect Technology. The Tenth Canadian Edition of Crane Connect includes SmartBook adaptive reading experience, updated Interactives Applications, new Videos, Quizzes, Marketing Metrics, Test Bank Questions, and new Connect Insight visual analytics.

Cutting Edge Topics. The Tenth Canadian Edition includes new or expanded coverage of topics such as marketing analytics, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), sustainable marketing, social enterprise and benefits corporations, CROPing, brand community, intelligent marketing enterprise platforms, design thinking, crowdfunding, minimally viable product (MVP), service sweethearting, surge pricing, omnichannel marketing, programmatic ad purchasing, addressable television advertising, and time-based agendas.

Social Media and Mobile Marketing. New and expanded coverage of social media and mobile marketing are emphasized throughout the chapter opening vignettes, video cases, and examples. The prior edition chapter on social media (Chapter 20) has been adapted to reflect the growing importance of mobile marketing.

NEW Chapter Opening Vignettes. Chapter opening vignettes introduce students to the concepts ahead in each chapter, using an exciting company (or companies) as an example. 19 vignettes are new to this edition, including the City of Hamilton and its marketing program; some of Canada's most Ethical and Socially Responsible Companies; Campus Living Centres; Dell in India; the Canadian Tourism market; ThothX Tower space elevator; Canada's most trusted brands; Airbnb; what is trending in Canadian Retailing; Taco Bell's use of social media; and Oculus Rift virtual reality.

NEW Marketing Matters boxes. Marketing Matters provide engaging real world examples of marketing applications in action to give students further insight into the practical world of marketing. The Tenth Canadian Edition features 11 new Marketing Matters boxes, including topics such as how ethnic Canadians shop; PRIZM5, a Canadian lifestyles psychographic system; the shopping bag of the future; and mobile marketing.

NEW Making Responsible Decisions boxes focus on social responsibility, sustainability, and ethics, and provide examples of how companies approach these subjects in their marketing strategy. New boxes in the Tenth Canadian Edition cover topics such as female body image and marketing, and sustainable retailing.

New Video Cases. Each chapter concludes with a case that is supported by a video to illustrate the issues in the chapter. The video segments that accompany these written cases are available for viewing on Connect. IBM, StuffDOT, Mary Kay in India, Taco Bell, Carmex, Toyota, and Secret deodorant are just some of the exciting new Video Cases available with the Tenth Canadian Edition. Accompanying the Video Cases are questions, some of which require quantitative analysis.

NEW Connect Insight. Connect Insight is a visual analytics dashboard for instructors, providing at-a-glance information regarding student performance which is immediately actionable. By presenting assignment, assessment, and topical performance results together with a time metric that is easily visible for aggregate or individual results, Connect Insight helps instructors improve class performance efficiently and effectively.

Flexible Purchase Options. A variety of purchase options is available with Crane Marketing Tenth Canadian Edition, including Connect online access; print text + Connect package; print text; and Loose Leaf print option for students that have purchased Connect online access.

Retained Features

Comprehensive Coverage. Marketing Tenth Canadian Edition is packed with examples of marketing in Canada and around the world, providing comprehensive and integrated coverage of traditional and contemporary marketing concepts.

High Engagement Style. Crane Marketing provides an easy to read, high involvement, interactive writing style that engages students through active learning techniques. It has developed an excellent reputation among Canadian instructors and students as a text that delivers marketing principles in a student friendly style.

Personalized Marketing. A vivid and accurate description of businesses, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs?through cases, exercises, and testimonials?allow students to personalize marketing and identify possible career interests.

Marketing Decision Making. The use of extended examples, cases, and videos involving people making marketing decisions, helps students to easily relate to text concepts. Marketing Matters boxes featuring real world examples of marketing applications, and Making Responsible Decisions boxes focusing on social responsibility, sustainability, and ethics, provide students with further insight into the practical world of marketing.

Strong Pedagogical Framework. The use of chapter opening Learning Objectives, Learning Reviews checkpoints at the end of each major chapter section, and Learning Objectives Review chapter summaries, support a wide range of learning styles.

Marketing Metrics. In response to the increasing importance of metrics in marketing, a Using Marketing Dashboards boxed feature is interspersed throughout the text (10 in total). The Marketing Dashboards graphically demonstrate the measures that marketers use to track and analyze marketing phenomena and performance.

Sample Marketing Plan with activities. The sample marketing plan in Appendix A Creating an Effective Marketing Plan, following Chapter 2, describes the purpose and guidelines in writing effective plans, and includes annotated notes within the marketing plan about the content, writing style, format, and layout. At the end of each chapter in the text, Building Your Marketing Plan boxes guide students through the step-by-step creation of their own marketing plan.

Award Winning Technology. McGraw-Hill Education's Connect teaching and learning technology has been recognized in 2015 and 2016 with CODiE Awards for Education Technology including ?Best Post-Secondary Learning Content Solution?.

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