Connect Online Access for Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists

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by Steven Chapra

4th Edition Online resource
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Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB is written for students who want to learn and apply numerical methods in order to solve problems in engineering and science. As such, the methods are motivated by problems rather than by mathematics. That said, sufficient theory is provided so that students come away with insight into the techniques and their shortcomings.

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Part One - Modeling, Computers, and Error Analysis

1) Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods, and Problem Solving

2) MATLAB Fundamentals

3) Programming with MATLAB

4) Roundoff and Truncation Errors

Part Two - Roots and Optimization

5) Roots: Bracketing Methods

6) Roots: Open Methods

7) Optimization

Part Three - Linear Systems

8) Linear Algebraic Equations and Matrices

9) Gauss Elimination

10) LU Factorization

11) Matrix Inverse and Condition

12) Iterative Methods

13) Eigenvalues

Part Four - Curve Fitting

14) Linear Regression

15) General Linear Least-Squares and Nonlinear Regression

16) Fourier Analysis

17) Polynomial Interpolation

18) Splines and Piecewise Interpolation

Part Five - Integration and Differentiation

19) Numerical Integration Formulas

20) Numerical Integration of Functions

21) Numerical Differentiation

Part Six - Ordinary Differential Equations

22) Initial-Value Problems

23) Adaptive Methods and Stiff Systems

24) Boundary-Value Problems

Appendix A - MATLAB Built-In Functions

Appendix B - MATLAB M-File Functions


New to this Edition

New content has been added, as well as enhanced sections on a number of topics. Primary additions include: material on some MATLAB functions not included in previous editions, some new applications of Monte Carlo for problems such as integration and optimization, and MATLAB's new way to pass parameters to function functions.

End-of-chapter homework problems have been modified, and a variety of new problems have been added.

A short primer on Simulink has been added, intended for students to read prior to covering that topic. This has been included as a teaching aid for those that cover Simulink.

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Retained Features

Engineering examples, case studies, and applications are presented throughout the text and cover the many engineering disciplines. Furthermore, the level of mathematical rigor is appropriate for students at this level.

Examples and problems are integrated with MATLAB M-files and relevant MATLAB functions are introduced in each chapter. All files, as well as an Instructor's Solutions Manual are available on MHE's Online Learning Center.

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