Microsoft Office Word 2016 Manual for Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing (GDP)

© 2017
by Scot Ober, Jack Johnson, Arlene Zimmerly

11th Edition 256 Pages Spiral bound
9781259907937 1259907937
  • Table of Contents
LESSON 21 Orientation to Word Processing?A
LESSON 22 Orientation to Word Processing?B
LESSON 23 Orientation to Word Processing?C
LESSON 24 Orientation to Word Processing?D
LESSON 25 E-Mail Messages
LESSON 28 Envelopes and Labels
LESSON 29 Memos and E-Mail Attachments
LESSON 30 Correspondence Review
LESSON 31 One-Page Business Reports
LESSON 32 Multipage Business Reports
LESSON 33 Rough-Draft Business Reports With Lists
LESSON 34 Multipage Academic Reports With Lists
LESSON 35 More Rough-Draft Reports
LESSON 36 Boxed Tables
LESSON 37 Open Tables
LESSON 38 Open Tables With Column Headings
LESSON 39 Ruled Tables With Number Columns
LESSON 44 Letters With Indented Displays and Copy Notations and E-Mail With Copies
LESSON 45 Letters in Modified-Block Style
LESSON 46 Left-Bound Business Reports Indented Displays and Footnotes
LESSON 47 Reports in APA Style
LESSON 49 Report Citations
LESSON 50 Preliminary Report Pages
LESSON 51 Resumes
LESSON 67 Special Correspondence Features
LESSON 68 More Special Correspondence Features
LESSON 69 Multipage Memos With Tables
LESSON 73 Procedures Manual
LESSON 74 Reports Formatted in Columns
LESSON 76 Tables with Footnotes or Source Notes
LESSON 78 Tables in Landscape Orientation
LESSON 79 Multipage Tables
LESSON 80 Tables with Predesigned Formats
LESSON 81 International Formatting?Canada
LESSON 82 International Formatting?Mexico
LESSON 86 Formal Report Project?A
LESSON 88 Formal Report Project?C
LESSON 89 Formal Report Project?D
LESSON 90 Formal Report Project?E
LESSON 92 Medical Office Documents?B
LESSON 98 Legal Office Documents?C
LESSON 101 Using Correspondence Templates
LESSON 102 Using Report Templates
LESSON 103 Designing Letterheads
LESSON 104 Designing Notepads
LESSON 106 Designing Cover Pages
LESSON 107 Designing Announcements and Flyers
LESSON 111 Designing an Online Resume
LESSON 112 Mail Merge?A
LESSON 115 Mail Merge?D

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