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by William Nickels, James Mchugh, Susan Mchugh, Rita Cossa, Julie Stevens

10th Edition Online resource
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Nickels Understanding Canadian Business Tenth edition remains current -- featuring the latest business practices and other developments affecting business including Social enterprise, The gig economy, Ethical consumerism, Digital currencies, The living wage, and Sustainability. Nickels remains comprehensive and user-friendly with the authors listening to student and instructor feedback and making changes and enhancements based upon many of the recommendations.  

The author team have used their own materials, and are dialled into what's happening in business and in the classroom, and right now, what's happening, is "change". The message "no more business as usual" is one that resonates in Nickels 10e -- in the content and in the way in which technology is being integrated.

Meeting you and your students where you are.  

Using a personalized approach to teaching and learning, Connect is powered by adaptive technologies so your students learn more efficiently, retain more and achieve better outcomes and you can provide the engagement and expertise for more 'aha' moments.


Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Force Chapter 3: Acceleration and Newton's Second Law of Motion Chapter 4: Motion with Constant Acceleration Chapter 5: Circular Motion Chapter 6: Conservation of Energy Chapter 7: Linear Momentum Chapter 8: Torque and Angular Momentum Chapter 9: Fluids Chapter 10: Elasticity and Oscillations Chapter 11: Waves Chapter 12: Sound


Chapter 13: Temperature and the Ideal Gas Chapter 14: Heat Chapter 15: Thermodynamics


Chapter 16: Electric Forces and Fields Chapter 17: Electric Potential Chapter 18: Electric Current and Circuits Chapter 19: Magnetic Forces and Fields Chapter 20: Electromagnetic Induction Chapter 21: Alternating Current


Chapter 22: Electromagnetic Waves Chapter 23: Reflection and Refraction of Light Chapter 24: Optical Instruments Chapter 25: Interference and Diffraction


Chapter 26: Relativity Chapter 27: Early Quantum Physics and the Photon Chapter 28: Quantum Physics Chapter 29: Nuclear Physics Chapter 30: Particle Physics


Appendix A: Mathematics Review

A.1 Algebra
A.2 Graphs of Linear Functions
A.3 Solving equations A.4 Exponents and logarithms A.5 Proportions and ratios A.6 Geometry A.7 Trigonometry A.8 Sinusoidal Functions of Time
A.9 Approximations
A.10 Vectors
A.11 Symbols Used in This Book

Appendix B: Reference Information

B.1 Physical Constants 
B.2 Unit Conversions
B.3 SI PrefixesB.4 SI Derived UnitsB.5 Useful Physical DataB.6 Astrophysical DataB.7 Periodic Table of the ElementsB.8 Properties of Selected Nuclides

Answers to Selected Questions and Problems

New to this Edition

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NEW SMARTBOOK 2.0. Available for fall 2019 courses, Connect's SmartBook 2.0 provides more personalization, productivity and accessibility to improve the teaching and learning experience for both instructors and students. With an increased granularity in the SmartBook 2.0 assignments, instructors now have greater ability to control the level, depth, and type of assignments based on their course syllabus. Students can focus on content areas that they struggle with and need more attention on based on the improved Student Recharge experience in SmartBook 2.0. Available on mobile smart devices -- with both online and offline access, Connect's SmartBook 2.0 enables students to study anywhere and anytime.

NEW AND UPDATED END-OF-CHAPTER MATERIALS. Updated end-of-chapter material, further encourage students to apply concepts learned in the chapter. Included in the end-of-chapter material " Summary, Key Terms, Career exploration, Critial Thinking, Developing Career Skills, Analyzing Management Decision and Running case.

NEW INTRO BUSINESS MINI-SIMULATIONS. Mini-Simulations are highly interactive and automatically graded, application-and analysis-based exercises where students immerse themselves in the business environment, analyze the situation, and apply their knowledge of business strategies to real world business. Students' progress from understanding basic concepts to using their own knowledge to analyze complex scenarios and solve problems.

NEW MANAGER'S HOTSEAT VIDEOS. The Manager's HotSeat allows students to watch over 21 real managers apply their years of experience to confront daily issues, such as ethics, diversity, teamwork, and the virtual workplace. Students are prompted for feedback throughout each scenario and then to submit a report critiquing the manager's choices while defending their own. The Manager's HotSeat is ideal for group or classroom discussion.

NEW AND UPDATED PEDAGOGY - 10 NEW Opening Business Profiles, updated features and figures throughout each chapter. Boxed features have been updated with new business examples, ethical or sustainable examples that students can relate to.

Retained Features

Student Success Approach -- Nickels has a friendly tone and steady reading level and is well received and acknowledged for its -- Student Success Approach -- Technology for Student Success and International Student Recognition includes SmartBook, videos, audio and multi-lingual glossaries, a unique chapter on Government and Business -- an advantage over the competition from the point of view of the international students that may be unfamiliar with Canadian culture.

Relevant Themes -- The critical themes that are relevant to an intro to business course have been updated and highlighted, including: ecommerce, sustainability, small business and entrepreneurship, global business, technology and change, customer focus, ethics and social responsibility, teams and teamwork, quality, and cultural diversity. The authors continue to feature boxes titled "Spotlight on Small Business", "Making Ethical Decisions", "Seeking Sustainability", "Adapting to Change" and "Reaching Beyond our Borders" - all designed to emphasize the dynamic and ever-changing nature of business.

Comprehensive Coverage. Nickels offers comprehensive coverage of business including sections on Human Resource Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Operations Management, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, in addition to coverage of Business Law, and Government and Business.

Balanced evidence based and applied approach -- Nickels has been updated to incorporate current business principles and practices both in Canada and globally, supported by pedagogy that is both engaging and applied. 'Getting to Know Business Professionals' profiles open the chapter and are perfect transitions to the chapter material, and when combined with Critical Thinking Questions, Developing Career Skills and Analyzing Management Decision boxes -- students are encouraged to discuss and understand the chapter concepts. The six-part running case at the end of each text part provides realistic business scenarios based on a successful Canadian company -- Fox 40 International Inc. Discussion questions encourage students to consider how the company has applied some of the concepts introduced in the text Part.

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