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by Hermann Schwind, Krista Uggerslev, Terry Wagar, Neil Fassina

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Schwind Canadian Human Resource Management: A Strategic Approach 12e continues to focus on the strategic contribution of the human resource function in organizations.  Schwind presents key concepts, issues, and practices of HR without being encyclopedic. The balanced coverage of theory and practice, traditional materials, and emerging concerns, has made Schwind the choice of over 70 universities and colleges across Canada and has earned it the honour of being the best-selling human resource management text in the country.  The focus of the text continues to be the strategic contribution of HR function in organizations; but an explicit recognition of the relationship between HR strategies, tactics, and systems has been incorporated into the model and throughout the text material.

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1) Introduction

Part One - Mechanics

2) Motion Along a Line

3) Motion in a Plane

4) Force and Newton's Laws of Motion

5) Circular Motion

6) Conservation of Energy

7) Linear Momentum

8) Torque and Angular Momentum

9) Fluids

10) Elasticity and Oscillations

11) Waves

12) Sound

Part Two - Thermal Physics

13) Temperature and the Ideal Gas

14) Heat

15) Thermodynamics

Part Three - Electromagnetism

16) Electric Forces and Fields

17) Electric Potential

18) Electric Current and Circuits

19) Magnetic Forces and Fields

20) Electromagnetic Induction

21) Alternating Current

Part Four - Electromagnetic Waves and Optics

22) Electromagnetic Waves

23) Reflection and Refraction of Light

24) Optical Instruments

25) Interference and Diffraction

Part Five - Quantum and Particle Physics

26) Relativity

27) Early Quantum Physics and the Photon

28) Quantum Physics

29) Nuclear Physics

30) Particle Physics


Appendix A - Mathematics Review

Appendix B - Reference Information

Answers to Selected Questions and Problems

New to this Edition

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NEW RUNNING CASE AND CHAPTER CASES Schwind 12ce have The WE connections running case featuring a tech start-up anchored to material in every single chapter. The additional individual chapter cases highlight unique HR contexts and the strategic role of HR in today's organizations.

NEW AND UPDATED END-OF-CHAPTER MATERIALS. Updated end-of-chapter material, further encourage students to apply concepts learned in the chapter. Included in the end-of-chapter material -- EOC summaries, Critical Thinking Questions, Review & Discussion Question, Incident, Exercises.

NEW MANAGEMENT BUSINESS MINI-SIMULATIONS. Mini-Simulations are highly interactive and automatically graded, application-and analysis-based exercises where students immerse themselves in the business environment, analyze the situation, and apply their knowledge of business strategies to real world business. Students' progress from understanding basic concepts to using their own knowledge to analyze complex scenarios and solve problems.

NEW MANAGER'S HOTSEAT VIDEOS. The Manager's HotSeat allows students to watch over 21 real managers apply their years of experience to confront daily issues, such as ethics, diversity, teamwork, and the virtual workplace. Students are prompted for feedback throughout each scenario and then to submit a report critiquing the manager's choices while defending their own. The Manager's HotSeat is ideal for group or classroom discussion.

NEW TOPICS AND UPDATE chapters have been streamlined and organized for easier reading and retention of materials. The latest information on legislative changes in the area of employment equity, statistics and demographics has been added. In this edition, global and international content are integrated into each chapter. The text provides over one hundred examples and anecdotes of Canadian and global firms--private and public, local and national, and large and small.

Retained Features

Using the authors' strategic HRM model as its framework, Schwind continues to focus on the strategic contribution of HR functions in organizations and how strategic HRM provides a framework for success - helping organizations and their employees to achieve their goals.

Running Cases anchor the material in every chapter and are designed with contrasting approaches to HRM. The WE Connections cases feature a tech start-up that is struggling with human resources management challenges as the company continues to grow.

Spotlights -- Spotlight on HRM and Spotlight on Ethics are the two Spotlights that are in most chapters. Spotlight on HRM focuses on an emerging practice, issue or HR opportunity while Spotlight on Ethics focuses on an ethic issue relevant to the chapter content.

HRC Icons (formerly RPC icons) -- content that is relating to the national CHRP (Certified Human Resource Professional) designation requirements are identified by HRC (Human Resource Competencies) icons.

Pedagogy that focuses on student learning and reinforcing concepts learned "
- Terms for Review
- End-of-Chapter summaries
- Review and Discussion questions to test students? understanding of the chapter material with topics suggested for class or group discussions.
- Critical Thinking Questions
- Incident (short cases) to test students' understanding of the concepts and their impact on the organization, and
- Exercises where students can apply knowledge of strategies to specific situations to draw conclusions.

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