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SIMnet® for Office 2016

Since 1999, instructors have been using SIMnet to measure student outcomes in a virtual Microsoft® Office environment. It is completely online, with nothing to install, where students can practice and study their skills at home or in the school lab. SIMnet is an ideal course solution that offers even more value as it can be used beyond the course for self-study! At McGraw-Hill, we help your students become life-long learners!

SIMnet Online for Office 2016 includes the following modules:

  • Microsoft® Office Suite
  • Microsoft® Outlook
  • Computer Concepts
  • File Management
  • Windows 10, 8 & 7
  • Internet Browsers

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SIMnet for Office 2016 …Keep IT SIMple!


SIMnet is accessible for today’s students through multiple browsers. SIMnet offers various SIMbooks, projects and assignments for students to go MOBILE for their student learning and student assessment.


SIMnet is designed with a Student Library feature to help students immediately learn isolated Microsoft Office skills on demand. It’s more than a resource; it’s a tool they can use throughout their entire time at your institution and in the workplace.


See results immediately in the various reports and customizable gradebook. SIMnet is your solution for helping students master today’s Microsoft Office Skills and more.

SIMnet Online Instructor/Course Manager Experience
Simple. Instructors love it.

SIMnet Online offers instructors the ability to:

  • Assign lessons and exams to classes or to students.
  • Preview exams, lessons, questions, and tasks directly from the Course Manager with more than 10,000 objective based questions to select from.
  • Flexible filters to copy questions correlated to McGraw-Hill textbook chapters.
  • Combine multiple applications into one exam. Perfect for mid-terms or finals!
  • Create exams that fit your needs with random question order including random question subsets so every exam is unique.
  • Allow multiple exam and question attempts.
  • Specify time limits and due-dates for exams and assignments, plus delay grades from flowing through to GradeBook.
  • Protect exams by IP address and/or password.
  • Customizable and editable gradebook available along with over 200 possible reports. Many with detailed charts and statistical analysis.


SIMnet offers students:

  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Every learning task includes three learning modes to reinforce concepts
  • Assignments Tab: Allows students to see exams, lessons, and projects that have been assigned to the class
  • Library Tab: Allows students to access additional study materials or Custom Lessons they have created from questions incorrectly answered in an exam.
  • Grades Tab: Allows students to see how they have performed in the class

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