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iSkills is a series of four student resources with each title focusing on a specific area of English Language Arts skills through a three-part lesson: Activate, Understand, and Apply.

Introducing our NEW Beyond Five Paragraphs: Advanced Essay Writing Skills.

Beyond Five Paragraphs: Advanced Essay Writing Skills focuses on the essay writing process to help students prepare for University. Students will learn about the different types of essays, how to plan and research content for an essay, and how to write an essay including drafting and editing. Students will also learn how to analyze literature in the form of an essay.

Beyond Five Paragraphs: Advanced Essay Writing Skills was created by the team of BC educators you’ve come to trust. Click here to meet the Development Team.


  • Modeled essays from both grade 12 students and engaging, current professional authors
  •  Advice from University Professors is embedded
  • Questions and activities that address the Grade 12 ELA Curricula
  • Visual metaphors to reinforce each skill

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