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Recent Releases

  • Personality at Work

    Personality matters.  The actions and interactions between individuals have a huge impact on outcomes in the workplace, as in life.  This impart is played out in every profession, at times with extraordinary and at times disastrous results.  And while each of us has good days and bad days, [...]

  • What’s Your Presentation Persona?

    What kind of presenter are you? Are you charming? Purposeful? Informative? Inspiring? Do you have natural charisma? A clear message? A powerful vision? What’s Your Presentation Persona? is a revolutionary guide based on Badge, the first-of-its-kind proprietary skill assessment tool―a [...]

  • The Communication Clinic

    Sending an email plagued with typos. Rushing through a presentation. Never saying “no.” Under-dressing for a company event. What do these all have in common? Bad messaging. The Communication Clinic is a comprehensive, commonsense guide to getting the job of your dreams and presenting yourself [...]