September 12, 2013
By: Rana florida
ISBN 13: 9780071827218
ISBN 10: 0071827218
Price: $28.95
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What do a graffiti artist, eminent neurologist, rocket scientist, and Grammy Award-winning musician have in common?  Seven key ingredients for success.

In her new groundbreaking book Upgrade, author Rana Florida offers readers the tools they need to achieve unimagined success in work and in life.  

Upgrade gathers the best from entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers, and creative leaders, and presents their philosophies and approaches in simple and actionable terms that anyone can put to good effect in their professional or their personal lives right from day one.

Experts, luminaries, and stand-outs in their respective fields, from Andre Agassi, Nelly Furtado, and Mario Batali to Tony Hsieh, Tory Burch, Richard Illy, Daniel Pink, Zaha Hadid, and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, offered remarkably consistent advice and key principles for living an Upgraded life.

Upgrade provides the keys to making small changes in work and life, which will elevate readers to a level of greater happiness and fulfillment – and bring them the life they really want.

“Upgrade welcomes you to take a fresh approach to everything you do to get the most out of work and life.” – Nelly Furtado, Grammy Award winning musician

For more praise on the book, please visit: http://www.creativeclass.com/rana_florida/speaking/praise

About the Author: 

Rana Florida is CEO of the consulting firm The Creative Class Group, whose clients include BMW, Starwood, IBM, Philips, Zappos, and Johnson & Johnson.  She writes a Huffington Post column called “Your Startup Life,” and is a frequent HGTV contributor.  She has appeared as a guest on The Today Show and was featured in the Business section of The New York Times.  Learn more about Rana at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rana-florida/. Twitter:  @ranaflorida / www.ranaflorida.com


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