The Canadian Guide to Will and Estate Planning

March 1, 2013
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We all know we need a will, one that is current and reflects our wishes. So why do two-thirds of Canadians still die without a will, of which 50 per cent have children – without a plan for passing on their assets the way they want? Why do Canadians still risk losing everything to creditors or the government, or certain relatives being awarded assets by provincial government formulas, none of which were the deceased’s intention? Approximately one out of four Canadians die suddenly, so advance will and estate planning is critical.

The Canadian Guide to Will and Estate Planning provides readers with insights and options, practical suggestions, and authoritative guidance. They can then discuss their customized and evolving needs and wishes with their professional advisors in an informed fashion, ensuring assets are protected and their family and beneficiary needs are met, while saving time, money, tax, stress, and anxiety.

The Canadian Guide to Will and Estate Planning is a comprehensive resource to educate and enlighten, and act as a catalyst to informed action. More information can be obtained at Gray’s website at:

About the Authors:

Douglas Gray, LL.B., is an entrepreneur, a speaker, and an author of 25 bestselling business, real estate, and personal finance books. A former lawyer, he is now an educator on estate and retirement planning. Douglas lives in Vancouver. For more information, visit:

John Budd, F.C.A., is a Chartered Accountant with more than 30 years experience in tax and estate planning. He is an investment advisor and portfolio manager with a leading wealth-management firm. John lives in Toronto. For more information, visit:


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