Personality at Work

March 14, 2017
By: Ronald warren
ISBN 13: 9781259860355
ISBN 10: 1259860353
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Personality matters.  The actions and interactions between individuals have a huge impact on outcomes in the workplace, as in life.  This impart is played out in every profession, at times with extraordinary and at times disastrous results.  And while each of us has good days and bad days, something more is in play here, something that in common language, as in the social sciences, we call personality.

In Personality at Work, psychologist Ron Warren lays out the key personality traits that drive high performance―and the common traits that derail it. Warren clusters closely related traits into four dimensions of behavior:

  • Teamwork and Social Intelligence
  • Deference
  • Dominance/Domineering
  • Grit/Task Mastery.

Each cluster is broken down into personality traits―13 in all.

Personality at Work integrates research on personality and performance, teamwork, communications, judgment, and decision-making. You will learn how to:

  • Recognize your own personality patterns and those of colleagues
  • Understand the links between personality, leadership, and organizational effectiveness
  • Turn insights into action, leading with Grit and EQ to drive individual and team performance

Personality at Work draws from research using the renowned LMAP 360 with 20,000 leaders and 250,000 360-feedback raters. LMAP 360 is used at Harvard Business School, Yale, Underwriter Laboratories, BearingPoint, Deloitte, Teach for America, Clayton Homes, and more than 35 hospital systems throughout the United States.

About the Author:

Ronald A. Warren Ph.D. developed the LMAP 360 assessment used by top education institutions, corporations, and healthcare systems worldwide. Ron has worked in clinical and organizational psychology and has been published in American Journal of Psychiatry, Adolescence, and Measures of Leadership.


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