The Maker Movement Manifesto

October 21, 2013
By: Mark hatch
ISBN 13: 9780071821124
ISBN 10: 0071821120
Price: $35.95
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Welcome to the Maker Movement.  We are living in the most innovative and creative age in history and a major trend is individuals’ desire and passion to create and innovate—to be the Makers of products and trends.

Mark Hatch is one of the leaders of the Maker Movement as CEO of TechShop, a membership-based, do-it-yourself (DIY) workshop and fabrication studio with locations nationwide.  TechShop provides access to a vibrant community of creative people and more than $1 million worth of high quality machines, tools and software.  TechShop members have made everything from robots and a lunar lander to successful iPad case and craft businesses.  He and his team are literally democratizing creativity and innovation.

His new book, The Maker Movement Manifesto, is for all the Makers, Hackers, Crafters, and social and economic entrepreneurs leading this trend.   Hatch describes the remarkable technologies and tools now accessible (and affordable) to the masses, and shares stories of how ordinary people have devised extraordinary products, giving rise to successful new business ventures. He shows how people can create new products, bring about positive changes in society, and make money.

Hatch unveils the powerful drivers of and the early results from the economic and social development of the movement, and identifies the major trends and enablers that are at work and are catalyzing a rapid change of our world.  The Maker Movement Manifesto details the path of self‐reliance, creative risk, and bootstrapped innovation and ultimately equips individuals to help solve the globe’s most intractable problems.  In fact, Hatch issues a clarion call to “double down” on our collective commitment and investment to innovation as the best and most likely path forward to solving the world’s greatest problems.

About the Author:

Mark Hatch is CEO and cofounder of TechShop, a membership-based, do-it-yourself (DIY) workshop and fabrication studio with locations across the United States.  It provides the digital and physical tools to make almost anything.  Hatch is a sough-after speaker and consultant on innovation, advanced manufacturing, and leadership and has spoken to groups from GE, Ford, P&G, ExxonMobile, Kraft, and other Fortune 500 firms.  He’s presented at universities including UC Berkeley and Harvard, as well as events such as TEDx, The Clinton Global Initiative, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Singularity U.

A former Green Beret, Hatch held executive positions focused on innovation, disruptive technology, and entrepreneurship at large and small firms alike.  At Avery Dennison he launched and then helped to drive global technology business development.  At Kinko’s, he launched the eCommerce portion of and ran the computer services section at Kinko’s stores throughout the U.S. As COO of Health Net’s health benefits, he helped to launch one of the early integrated health benefits portals.

He holds an MBA from the Drucker Center at the Claremont Graduate University and a B.A. in Economics from the University of California at Irvine.


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