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Behavioral Investment Management: An Efficient Alternative to Modern Portfolio Theory

© 2012
by Greg Davies, Arnaud De Servigny

1st Edition Active, In-Print 400 Pages Hardback
9780071746601 0071746609

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"The main strengths of the book are how methodically the authors trace the history of efficient market pricing?and then show how a more authentic view of markets can be used to one's advantage" Investment Europe, April 2012

PART 1- The Current Paradigm: MPT (Modern Portfolio Theory); Chapter 1: Modern Portfolio Theory as it Stands; Chapter 2: Challenges to MPT: Theoretical-the assumptions are not thus; Chapter 3: Challenges to MPT: Empirical-the world is not thus; Chapter 4: Challenges to MPT: Behavioural-people are not thus; Chapter 5: Describing the Overall Framework: Investors and Investments; PART 2- Amending MPT: Getting to BMPT; Chapter 1:Investors-The Rational Investor; Chapter 2: Investments-Extracting Value from the long-term; Chapter 3: Investments-Extracting Value from the short-term; Chapter 4: bringing it together, the new BMPT paradigm; PART 3- Emotional Insurance: Sticking with the Journey; Chapter 1: Investors- the emotional investor; Chapter 2: Investments- Constraining the rational portfolio; PART 4- Practical Implications; Chapter 1: The BMPT and Wealth Management; Chapter 2: The BMPT and the Pension Industry; Chapter 3: The BMPT and Asset Management

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