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Arduino Robot Bonanza

© 2013
by Gordon Mccomb

1st Edition Active, In-Print 416 Pages Paperback / softback
9780071782777 007178277X

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Create high-tech walking, talking, and thinking robots
"McComb hasn?t missed a beat. It's an absolute winner!" -GeekDad,

Breathe life into the robots of your dreams?without
advanced electronics or programming skills. Arduino Robot Bonanza shows you how to build autonomous robots using ordinary tools and common parts. Learn how to wire things up, program your robot's brain, and add your own unique flair. This easy-to-follow, fully illustrated guide
starts with the Teachbot and moves to more complex projects, including the musical TuneBot, the remote-controlled TeleBot, a slithering snakelike 'bot, and a robotic arm with 16 inches of reach!

  • Get started on the Arduino board and software
  • Build a microcontroller-based brain
  • Hook up high-tech sensors and controllers
  • Write and debug powerful Arduino apps
  • Navigate by walking, rolling, or slithering
  • Program your 'bot to react and explore on its own
  • Add remote control and wireless video
  • Generate sound effects and synthesized speech
  • Develop functional robot arms and grippers
  • Extend plans and add exciting features

Ch 1. Ins and Outs of the Arduino Microcontroller

Ch 2. Arduino as a Robot Brain

Ch 3. Connecting Things to the Arduino

Ch 4. Enhancing Your Robot with Sensors

Ch 5. Expanding the Arduino

Ch 6. Layout and Design

Ch 7. The TestBot Test Platform

Ch 8. Mini Kissing Bug

Ch 9. Animatronic Parrot

Ch 10. Your Robot Avatar

Ch 11. Slithering Snake

Ch 12. 18-Servo WalkerBot

Ch 13. PC-based Autonomous Robot

Ch 14. Crash Course in Electronics

Ch 15. Learning the Arduino Programming Language

Ch 16. Setting Up Your Robotics Laboratory

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