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Strategic Digital Marketing: Top Digital Experts Share the Formula for Tangible Returns on Your Marketing Investment

© 2014
by Eric Greenberg, Alexander Kates

1st Edition Active, In-Print 368 Pages Hardback
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The digital age is here?and it's developing rapidly. Regardless of your industry, sector, or geography, you need to understand the power of digital strategies to market your brand, reach your audience, and broaden your framework for success. This comprehensive, all-in-one guide combines the collective insights of top digital marketers, consultants, and academics?each one an expert in his or her field.

With the proven techniques of Strategic Digital Marketing, you?ll be able to:

  • Plan, strategize, and implement a complete marketing campaign that best suits you and your company.
  • Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to not only engage your target audience, but get real results.
  • Improve your website and supersize your media presence through liquid content, mobile apps, engaging videos, social contests, and more.
  • Develop a logical and balanced approach to digital, using the proper tools, to measure and maximize return on investment (ROI).
  • Reshape your management framework and redesign your company for digital-era growth, functionality, and success.

These are the same market-tested strategies Fortune 500 companies are using to take advantage of the exciting new opportunities that only digital media provides. You?ll discover the 10 traits of digital leadership, the six habits
of highly-successful firms, and the one true goal of digital marketing. You?ll read first-hand accounts of social media in action?and follow real-world case studies of the hottest companies trending today. You?ll also find need-to-know information on red-button subjects like emerging mobile technologies, legal guidelines for digital marketing, search engine optimization, and so much more.

Digital media has changed the world as we know it. Strategic Digital Marketing will change the way you live, work, grow . . . and succeed.



Part 1: Our New Digital World

1 The Digital Paradigm (by Alexander Kates and Eric Greenberg) 3

The New World of Marketing 4
The Modern Digital Consumer 7
The New Consumer's Journey 11

2 Marketing Strategies for a Digital World (by Alexander Kates
and Eric Greenberg) 17

State of the Modern Digital Ecosystem 17
Being Liquid: The Marketer's New Role 19
Getting Started: Learning by Example 22
The Ultimate Goal of Digital Marketing: ROI 26
A Framework for Digital Success 32

3 Managing Content in a Digital Age (by Neil Perkin,
Only Dead Fish & eConsultancy) 35

The Importance of Content Marketing 37
Holistic Liquid Content Strategies and Frameworks 39
The 70/20/10 Content Planning Model 47

Part 2: Ac hievin g Succ ess in Digital Marketin g Channels 51

4 Search Marketing: If They Can?t Find It, They Can?t Buy It
(by Mike Moran, author of Do It Wrong Quickly [2007]
and Search Engine Marketing, Inc.[2008]) 53

Why Search is Important 54
How Searchers Work 56
The Types of Search Marketing 58
The Language of Search 59
Succeeding at Search Marketing 60
Measuring Search Success 70
Search Trends 73

5 Mobile Marketing: Innovation On-the-Go (by Alexander Kates) 77

The Mobile World We Live In 79
The Modern Mobile Consumer 81
Mobile Unwires Marketers from Former Constraints 84
Mobile Website Considerations 90
SMS and MMS Campaigns 92
Mobile Applications: The Low-Down 93
Mobile Technologies to Watch: Snacks for Thought 99
Measuring Mobile Marketing Success 105
Device Convergence and the Future Mobile Landscape 108
Closing Thoughts 111

6 Video Marketing (by Greg Jarboe, author of Youtube &
Video Marketing: An Hour a Day [2011]) 115

Who Discovers and Watches Videos? 118
Steps to Plan, Shoot, Edit, and Publish 120
Building Video Channel Strategy 124
Viewing Experience and Programming 127
Building Community and Promoting Your Videos 130
Jumpstart Your Traffic with an Ad Campaign 134
Who's Watching Your Videos? 135

7 Social Media Marketing (by Stan Smith, 143

What is Social Media? 144
The Real Definition of Social Media 145
The New Digital Experience 146
Why Social Media is Important 151
Social Media Channel Strategy 153
Tools of the Trade 162
Best-in-Class Examples 166
Social Media ROI 169
The Future of Social Media 172

8 Building a Website with Purpose that Generates Results
(by Jeremy Floyd, Bluegill Creative) 177

Introduction 177
Begin with Purpose 179
The Process and Considerations for (re)Building Your Website 183
Ten Steps: From Discovery to Launch 185
Tools for Success 195
Conclusion 200

9 Measurement and ROI of Digital Strategies
(by Rob Peterson, BarnRaisers LLC) 203

Introduction to the World of Measurement 203
The Importance of Measurement 206
Demystifying the Buzzword: The Definition of Analytics 209
Measurements for a Digital World 211
Measurement Tool Mini-Handbook 221
Best-in-Class Examples 226
Budgeting for Digital Measurement 228
The Future of Measurement 229

10 Understanding the Law in Digital Marketing
(by Glen Gilmore Esq., author of Social Media Law for
Business [est. 2012]) 235

Keeping Pace with the Law in Digital Marketing 235
Creating a Framework for Social Media Governance and
Compliance 238
Understanding the FTC's Social Media Marketing Guidelines 242
First Case Study for the FTC's New Social Media
Guidelines Endorsement 246
Two Tweets and Nike Runs into Regulatory Problems:
The Ethos of Transparency 247
Understanding the FTC's New Privacy Framework: Privacy by
Design, Simplified Choice, and Greater Transparency 249
Understanding the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act 250
"Pin This?: Copyright and Fair Use, The Basics 251
Marketing on the WorldWide Web Requires Compliance
with International Law 253
There's an App for Nearly Everything?And There Are
Guidelines for Apps 253
Staying on the Right Side of the Law in Social Media
Contests 254
Digital Marketing Compliance in Highly-Regulated Industries 257
Trends and the Future of Digital Marketing Law 258
contents vii

Part 3: Completing the Digital Transformation 261

11 Digital Leadership Principles (by Bob Pearson,
author of Pre-Commerce) 263

How We Digitally Transform Ourselves and Our Organizations 263
Address the Largest Barrier to Innovation First 265
The Importance of Forward-Leaning Learning 268
How to Undergo Transformational Change in Your Company 269
Ten Traits of Digital Leadership 274

12 Designing Organizations for Digital Success (by Amy Kates,
Kates-Kessler Consulting, author of Designing Dynamic
Organizations [2001], Designing Your Organization [2007],
and Leading Organization Design [2010]) 283

Introduction 283
What Do We Mean by "Digital?" 284
The STAR Model? for Organization Design 286
Asking the Right Questions in Digital Organization Design 288
Conclusion 307
Suggested Reading 308

13 The Path to an Innovative, Digital-Centric Organization
(by Alexander Kates and Eric Greenberg) 311

Six Habits of Highly Successful Firms 311
Digital Transformation Framework 319
Concluding Thoughts 333
Index 337

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