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Leading the Malcolm Baldrige Way: How World-Class Leaders Align Their Organizations to Deliver Exceptional Results

© 2017
by Kay Kendall, Glenn Bodinson

1st Edition Active, In-Print 240 Pages Hardback
9781259588662 1259588661

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The definitive guide to implementing Baldrige Criteria in any organization?from the team that has worked with 19 Malcolm Baldrige Award winners

***This book features one of the newly announced Baldrige Award 2016 recipients and the first ever long-term care facility, Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation--Mountain Valley***

For organizations in both the public and private sectors, the coveted Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is the gold standard to which all leaders aspire. With this action-ready guide from the renowned experts at BaldrigeCoach, you too can master the principles of Baldrige Criteria, harness the power of performance excellence, and achieve award-worthy results. Learn how to:

* Drive employee engagement to exciting new levels
* Create an organizational culture that energizes everyone
* Maintain upward momentum, even in a downturn
* Counteract negativity and entitlement with positive feedback
* Get your senior managers on board and up to speed
* Cultivate strong leaders and build powerful teams
* Accelerate excellence throughout your organization

Whether you?re a top-level executive or a mid-level manager, whether your organization is large or small, succeeding or flailing, Leading the Malcolm Baldrige Way gives you all the tools you need to engage every one of your employees using data and strategies that work. This proven approach gives you a complete framework for continuous improvement, with a focus on benchmark objectives, employee initiatives, and workforce alignment. Combining the best practices of some of the best leaders in the world today, these techniques will help you create a strong, effective organizational culture that will propel your team to victory.

Filled with candid CEO interviews and powerful new insights, it's a complete master class in succeeding and leading?the Malcolm Baldrige way.



Chapter 1 An Introduction to Baldrige
Chapter 2 Why Employee Engagement Matters
Chapter 3 Organizational Culture and How It Impacts Employee Engagement
Chapter 4 Drivers of Employee Engagement
Chapter 5 Using Data to Drive Engagement
Chapter 6 When You?re Already a Pretty Good Organization
Chapter 7 Maintaining Momentum When Facing a Downturn
Chapter 8 The Challenges of Being a Very Large Organization
Chapter 9 The Challenges of Being a Very Small Organization
Chapter 10 Getting All of the Senior Leaders On Board
Chapter 11 Confronting a Culture of Entitlement
Chapter 12 Employee Engagement and the Bottom Line
Chapter 13 Common Characteristics of the Leaders of Baldrige Award Winning Organizations
Chapter 14 Lessons Learned About the Journey
Chapter 15 Other Benefits of Preparing an Application " Teamwork and
Leadership Development
Chapter 16 Accelerating Excellence?
Appendix A Additional References and Resources
Appendix B Case Study: Unexpected Excellence at Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Mountain Valley
Appendix C The Baldrige Award Process
Appendix D Award-Winning Organizations Featured in This Book




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