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The Toyota Engagement Equation: How to Understand and Implement Continuous Improvement Thinking in Any Organization

© 2017
by Tracey Richardson, Ernie Richardson

1st Edition Active, In-Print 272 Pages Hardback
9781259837425 1259837424

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From two Toyota insiders?a practical, proven formula for developing a successful Lean culture in any organization

In 1986, Toyota opened a factory in rural Kentucky and unveiled TPS, its revolutionary management system. While most manufacturers and organizations now use Lean methods, the application is almost always superficial and confined within existing management frameworks. Consequently, the groundbreaking transformation that allowed Toyota to flourish against incredible odds has rarely been replicated.

Toyota's Engagement Equation is a valuable guide to developing a Lean culture that is practical, compelling, and truly reflective of Toyota's unique approach. The authors, two Americans who worked at the Kentucky facility and were trained by Japanese mentors, present an accessible method for replicating Toyota's success in any organization. Step by step, you?ll learn how to internalize Toyota's principles and successfully assimilate them into your daily work.


? A personal, first-hand account of Toyota's cultural practices in action
? Introduces a practical, accessible approach to applying Lean methods in any organization
? Unique insights on subjects such as global influences, the nature of work, and the triumph of empowering workers
? Anecdotes and stories from noted Lean leaders, former mentors, and employees of Toyota's Kentucky facility


CHAPTER 1: What Is Anthropology?

CHAPTER 2: Culture

CHAPTER 3: Doing Anthropology

CHAPTER 4: Evolution, Genetics, and Human Variation

CHAPTER 5: The Primates

CHAPTER 6: Early Hominins

CHAPTER 7: The Genus Homo

CHAPTER 8: The First Farmers

CHAPTER 9: The First Cities and States

CHAPTER 10: Language and Communication

CHAPTER 11: Making a Living

CHAPTER 12: Political Systems

CHAPTER 13: Families, Kinship, and Marriage

CHAPTER 14: Gender

CHAPTER 15: Religion

CHAPTER 16: Ethnicity and Race

CHAPTER 17: Applying Anthropology

CHAPTER 18: The World System and Colonialism

CHAPTER 19: Anthropology's Role in a Globalizing World

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