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The New Fat Flush Plan

© 2017
by Ann Louise Gittleman

2nd Edition Active, In-Print 336 Pages Hardback
9781259861130 1259861139

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The New York Times bestselling diet plan that revolutionized weight loss?now updated with the latest research in nutrition, cleansing, and detoxing.

For over 25 years, Fat Flush has helped millions of people reset metabolism, cleanse the liver and lymph, reduce cellulite, boost energy, and feel better than ever?in just two weeks. In this revised edition of the groundbreaking bestseller, nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman updates her plan to fit your personal lifestyle, featuring new protocols reflecting current trends like high-fat diets (Paleo, Ketogenic), fasting/cleansing (green drinks and bone broth), gluten sensitivity, hormone issues, microbiome, and other breakthroughs.

You?ll find the famous 2-week Fat Flush detox, detailed meal plans and recipes, an ongoing weight loss program, tips on eating out, and easy-to-follow guidelines for maintaining optimum health. You?ll start feeling results in only 2 weeks. But the health-boosting benefits of The New Fat Flush Plan will change your life forever.

* The international bestseller that launched a weight loss phenomenon?updated with new content for the first time in 15 years.

* Endorsed by Dr. Mark Hyman, New York Times bestselling author

* Fat Flush has been featured on 20/20, Dr. Phil, The View, The Early Show, Good Morning America, Extra, Fox News, CNN, and in Time, Glamour, and Self.


The Fat flush Phenomenon


Chapter 1-Someone Like You...

The Fat Flush Genesis

Destination: A New Body and A New You

Chapter 2- Top 10 Hidden Weight Gain Factors #1 Through #5

Hidden Factor #1: Your Tired, Toxic Liver

Hidden Factor #2: False Fat

Hidden Factor #3: Fear of Eating Fat

Hidden Factor #4: Insulin Resistance and Inflammation

Hidden Factor #5: Stress as Fat Maker

Chapter 3-Top 10 Hidden Weight Gain Factors #6 Through #10

Hidden Factor #6: Messy Microbiome

Hidden Factor #7: Poor Quality Bile

Hidden Factor #8: Tuckered Out Thyroid

Hidden Factor #9: Hidden Hitchhikers-Parasites

Hidden Factor #10: Missing Magnesium

Chapter 4-3-Day Ultra Fat Flush Tune-Up

Why It Works

The Three-Day Protocol

Factor #3: No Grain Drain

Chapter 5- The Fat Flush Plan: As Easy as 1-2-3

Before Your Being

Phase 1: The two-Week Fat Flush

Phase 2: The Metabolic Reset

Phase 3: The Lifestyle Maintenance Plan

All Three Phases

Chapter 6-Phase 1: The Two-Week Fat Flush

Giving Your Liver a Vacation

Two-Week Fat Flush Program

Two-Week Fat Flush Menu Plan

Chapter 7-Phase 2: The Metabolic Reset

The Metabolic Reset Flush Daily Protocol

Sample Menu

Chapter 8-Phase 3: The Lifestyle Maintenance Plan

The Fat Flushing Food Combinations

The Lifestyle Eating Protocol

The Lifestyle Eating Plan

Chapter 9-The Power of Ritual


Phase 1 Exercise Program

Phase 2 Exercise Program

Phase 3 Exercise Program



Therapeutic Baths

Chapter 10-The Fat Flush Plan Away from Home

On the Road While Fat Flushing

Going Against the Grain

Fats of Life

Fat Flushing in the Fast-Food Lane

Going International

Parties, Business Luncheons, and Holiday Events

Chapter 11-The Fat Flush Master Shopping List

Before You Begin

Phase 1: The Two-Week Fat Flush

Phase 2: The Metabolic Reset

Phase 3: The Lifestyle Eating Plan

Food-Cleansing Baths

Chapter 12-The Fat Flush Kitchen

Stay Away From Aluminum

Curb the Copper

Other Smart Cookware

Smart Water System

Smart Cooking Tools

Chapter 13-Fat Flush Recipes

Fat Flush Staples


Lunch or Dinner Entrees

Easy Soups

Veggie Sides

Salad Dressings

Condiments, Sauces, Seasonings




Fat Flush Seasoning Savvy

Fat Flush Swaps

Other Cooking Help

Chapter 14-Because You Asked

Ages, Stages, and Gender

Fat Flush Protocol


Supplements and Medications


Coffee, Tea, Or..."

Other Concerns

Chapter 15-Resources and Support

Online Support

Uni Key Health Systems

Educational Resources

Nutritional Training Resources

Professional Organizations

Testing & Labs

Magazines & Newsletters

Books for Your Bookshelf

Pure Food & Clean Water




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