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Guide to the Canadian Family Medicine Examination, Second Edition

© 2018
by Angela Arnold, Megan Dash

2nd Edition Active, In-Print 336 Pages Paperback / softback
9781259861864 1259861864

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The FIRST " and most comprehensive " review available for the Canadian Family Medicine Licensing Exam " enhanced by a complete chapter of sample SAMPs

Guide to the Canadian Family Medicine Examination, Second Edition  is a comprehensive yet concise guide that delivers reader-friendly coverage of the 99 priority topics suggested by the CFPC.  Reflecting important insights from family physicians and residents, this powerful review offers an easy-to-absorb summary of the content you will most likely encounter on the actual exam. The Second Edition is highlighted by the addition of an entire chapter of sample SAMPs.  

There is no better way to boost your confidence, knowledge -- and chance of success " than this up-to-date, time-tested study companion.


? Complete coverage of 99 priority topics prepare you for the exam: signs, symptoms, diagnostic measures, and treatment options span the entire range of medical subject areas

? NEW chapter of example SAMPs

? Real-world perspectives are based on recent Canadian clinical practice and the exam-taking and professional experiences of the physicians and residents

? Study-enhancing callouts, including helpful "Remember? icons appear throughout the text

? Easy-to-follow, consistent chapter design make the content accessible and memorable

? Numerous mnemonics aid in the retention of need-to-know facts and concepts

? Ample margin space enables you to make personal notes and annotations as you go 

? Highlighted key points in boxes or margin areas facilitate comprehension and efficient review

? Full references for each topic " encompassing pivotal studies, data, and clinical guidelines " provide opportunities for further study

1 Emergency Medicine


b. Loss of Consciousness

c. Trauma

d. Shock

e. Approach to Poisoning

f. Chest Pain

g. Atrial Fibrillation

h. Seizures

i. Lacerations

j. Epistaxis

k. Red Eye

l. Allergy

m. Deep Vein Thrombosis

n. Pulmonary Embolus

o. Warfarin Notes

2 Internal Medicine

a. Headache

b. Anemia

c. Stroke

d. Insomnia

e. Thyroid

f. Dizziness

g. Skin Disorders

h. Cancer

i. Loss of Weight

j. Parkinsonism

k. Restless Leg Syndrome

3 Infectious Diseases

a. Infectious

b. Antibiotics

c. Fever

d. Dysuria/Urinary Tract Infection

e. Earache

f. Cough

g. Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

h. Croup

i. Pneumonia

j. Meningitis

4 Surgery

a. Abdominal Pain

b. Dehydration and Hypovolemia

c. Diarrhea

d. Dyspepsia

e. Gastrointestinal Bleeding

5 Pediatrics

a. In Newborns

b. Well Baby Care

c. In Children

d. Learning

e. Immunizations

6 Psychiatry

a. Depression

b. Anxiety Disorder

c. Suicide

d. Counseling

e. Eating Disorders

f. Personality Disorders

g. Substance Abuse

h. Somatoform Disorders

i. Schizophrenia

j. Grief

k. Behavioural Problems

7 Chronic Disease

a. Chronic Disease

b. Asthma

c. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

d. Diabetes

e. Hypertension

f. Hyperlipidemia

g. Ischemic Heart Disease

h. Congestive Heart Failure

i. Fatigue

8 Preventative Medicine

a. Periodic Health Assessment

b. Men's Genitourinary Health

c. Osteoporosis

d. Smoking Cessation

9 Sexual Health

a. Gender-Specific Issues

b. Infertility

c. Sex

d. Sexually Transmitted Infections

e. Breast Lump

10 Women's Health

a. Contraception

b. Pregnancy

c. Vaginal Bleeding

d. Vaginitis

e. Menopause

11 Musculoskeletal Medicine

a. Fractures

b. Joint Disorders

c. Low Back Pain

d. Neck Pain

e. Lifestyle

f. Obesity

g. Gout

12 Care of the Elderly

a. Elderly

b. Multiple Medical Problems

c. Dementia

d. Mental Competency

e. Disability

f. Palliative Care

13 Travel Medicine

a. Travel Medicine

b. Immigrant Health

c. Hepatitis

d. Jaundice

14 Social Medicine/Psychology

a. Domestic Violence

b. Rape/Sexual Assault

c. Violent/Aggressive Patient

d. Stress

e. Crisis

f. Family Issues

g. Bad News

h. Difficult Patient

15 Preparation for the SOO

a. The SOO-Overview, Nine Helpful Questions and How to Attack It

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