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The High Roller Experience: How Caesars and Other World-Class Companies Are Using Data to Create an Unforgettable Customer Experience

© 2018
by David Norton

1st Edition Active, In-Print 224 Pages Hardback
9781259862953 125986295X

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The marketing guru of Caesars/Harrah's shows how you can double-down and win with a proven data-driven approach

Walking through Caesars in Las Vegas may seem like a dream?the lights are not too bright, the temperature is perfect, and everything is within your reach. But behind this "magical? experience is a carefully choreographed performance based on deep understanding and rigorous analysis of extensive data to help ensure guests have an incredible and personalized experience. The Caesars marketing story is recognized as one of the best examples of using data to improve the customer experience and marketing effectiveness in all of business. 

Marketing legend David Norton orchestrated the initiatives that made Harrah's/Caesars Entertainment one of the greatest marketing companies in the world. His approach of using data to identify opportunities for the business, developing the narrative to sell throughout the organization and partnering with various constituents to drive successful implementation operationally is unparalleled. In The High Roller Experience, he shares his secrets to creating an unbeatable marketing strategy. In addition to discussing core items such as analytics, CRM and loyalty programs, he examines the leadership and organizational processes required to create a customer-centric and data informed business.  

The author also shares case studies from the work at GALE helping companies leverage technology advances to improve the customer experience and build customer loyalty across a wide-range of industries. With this book to guide you, you?ll learn how to use loyalty programs, analytics, and technology to drive phenomenal transformational change and rapid revenue growth within your own organization.



Chapter 1: The Four Basic Trading Principles

Chapter 2: George Soros: Global Macro King

Chapter 3: John Henry: Technical Trading Genius

Chapter 4: Urs Schwarzenbach: Writing FX Option Strangles

Chapter 5: Online Currency Entrepreneurs: How the Early FX Market Makers Grew from Pioneers to Billionaires

Chapter 6: Jim Simons: Quant King

Chapter 7: Renat Fatkhullin: Social Trading and MT4

Chapter 8: Caveat Emptor- Tricks and Traps to Avoid When Trading Online

Chapter 9: Top Tips to Improve Performance



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