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Dealing with Meetings You Can't Stand: Meet Less and Do More

© 2017
by Rick Brinkman

1st Edition Active, In-Print 224 Pages Paperback / softback
9781259863073 1259863077

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The proven process for making the most of every business meeting?from the coauthor of the international bestseller Dealing with People You Can?t Stand

In the U.S., an estimated 25 million meetings occur daily; some calculations put the cost of unproductive meetings at more than $37 billion per year.
Dealing with Meetings You Can?t Stand is the necessary antidote to one of the biggest banes and drains on business today. It will help you run efficient, productive meetings every time by solving problems related to the most important issues: preparation, people, process, and time.

Providing key insight into the human behaviors that lead to unsuccessful meetings, along with psychology-based tactics for addressing them, Dr. Rick Brinkman teaches you how to start and end every meeting on time, develop and execute an effective agenda, address disruptive behavior, balance participation, and eliminate the problem of overlapping meetings. This practical and easily implementable method applies to in-person as well as virtual meetings of any size. The book includes checklists, forms, and charts to help you stay on track.

You need not suffer in a meeting ever again.


Part I: The Problems with Meetings

Introduction: The Problems with Meetings We Will Solve

Chapter 1: Meet the Passengers: Problem Behaviors at Meetings and Their Effects

Chapter 2: Holographic Thinking

Part II: Before the Meeting

Chapter 3: Preparing for a Meeting: Your Preflight Checklist

Chapter 4: The Art of the Agenda: Your Flight Plan

Chapter 5: Start on Time! End on Time!

Part II: During and After the Meeting

Chapter 6: Meet the Flight Crew: The Process People

Chapter 7: Staying on Course with Air Traffic Control

Chapter 8: Balancing Participation with Air Traffic Control

Chapter 9: Visual Flight Recording: Don?t Let a Good Idea Get Away

Chapter 10: In-flight Entertainment: Criteria

Chapter 11: In-flight Entertainment: Meeting Processes

Chapter 12: Virtual Meetings and Conference Calls

Chapter 13: TSA: How the Process Prevents Problem Behaviors

Part III: Implementing the Meeting Jet

Chapter 14: Integrating the Meeting Jet Process with Robert's Rules of Order

Chapter 15: Cage Rattling 101: Bringing People on Board the Meeting Jet

Chapter 16: Finale and Next Step: How We Came to Meet

Appendix: Additional Resources



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