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The Execution Factor: The One Skill that Drives Success

© 2018
by Kim Perell

1st Edition Active, In-Print 288 Pages Hardback
9781260128529 1260128520

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From a real-life rags-to-riches phenomenon?the proven program for putting ideas into action for ultimate success in business and in life

At the age of 23, Kim Perell was broke. By 30, she was a multimillionaire. She is the first person to say that this can be anyone's story.  Yet she succeeded while others who had enormous talent struggled to get their ideas off the ground It's not about being a business genius. It's about mastering one simple skill?execution?and this book teaches readers how to build this skill quickly and effectively. 

The Execution Factor shows how to identify areas of personal strength, develop clarity on what you?re truly passionate about, create a roadmap for achieving goals, and implement it all for greater success in business. The Execution Factor reveals the five traits needed to become an execution expert. It explains how to:

* Identify areas of personal strength
* Develop clarity on what you?re truly passionate about
* Create a roadmap for achieving goals* Implement it all for greater success in business and in life. 
The book includes a proprietary "execution success? test enabling you to determine your execution strength.

Letter to the Reader

1. Hitting Rock Bottom: The Truth about Success

Trait 1: Vision: Your North Star

2. Moon Shot

3. Living Someone Else's Dream

4. Don't Just Think It, Ink It

5. The Loneliest Trait

Vision--Trait Summary and Real-Life Scenario

Trait 2: Passion: What You're Willing to Sacrifice and Suffer For 

6. What We Do for Love

7. Emotional Rescue

8. Fueling Your Fire

9. Never Completely Submit to The Dark Side

Passion--Trait Summary and Real-Life Scenario

Trait 3: Action: Taking That First Step and the Next One

10. Setting the Stage to Act!

11. Prioritize Action: Better to Start Than Procrastinate

12. Vision Quest

13. Fear of Flying

Action--Trait Summary and Real-Life Scenario

Trait 4: Resilience: Dealing with Obstacles, Change, and Uncertainty

14. Life Rarely Goes as Planned

15. Bouncing Back After Setbacks

16. Fail Forward

17. Minds & Hearts

18. Practicing and Preparing for Resilience

Resilience--Trait Summary and Real-Life Scenario

Trait 5: Relationships: Having the Right People in Your Life

19. The Human Touch

20. Life Is a Team Sport

21. Audit Your Life

22. Sharing Your Success

Relationships--Trait Summary and Real-Life Scenario

Conclusion: Creating an Execution Blueprint for Your Success




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