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    BC Science 8 & 9

    Brand New Resources for 2016

    BC Science Connections created by the team of BC educators you’ve come to trust. Click here for the Development Team

    For more detailed information and sample material, please click on the cover images above.

    Introducing our New BC Science Connections

    BC Science Connections provides flexible resource options fully aligned to the new BC curriculum, assessment and pedagogical shift.

     BC Science Connections leverages students’ natural sense of curiosity and wonder, modelling and fostering growth toward ever-more-capable inquiry-based learning.  Resources deepen students understanding of the big ideas while developing content knowledge and applying and leveraging the curricular and core competencies. Resources are infused with First Peoples’ knowledge and ways of knowing and supporting place-based learning.

    BC Science Connections – provides a rich offering of print and digital resources.

    BC Science 8: Connections

    CONNECTschool is now available

    CONNECTschool for teacher’s offers:

    • Editable Teacher Planning Notes, Differentiated Instruction Notes and Assessment Notes
    • Blackline Masters in PDF and editable Word format
    • Assessment rubrics that emphasize the competency approach
    • Online practice quizzes
    • Rich media assets include interactive activities, videos, tutorials and more…
    • click here to watch the CONNECTschool video

    Take Advantage of our student bundles.


    Print Student Edition PACKAGED WITH CONNECTschool Student Bundle

    CONNECTschool Student -Access per student, per course

    BC Science 9: Connections


    Implementation Special Pricing

    25+ Print Student Edition PACKAGED WITH CONNECTschool Student Bundle


    CONNECTschool Student -access per student, per course

    Purchase 25 -99 at our special price of  $71.66 per bundle*

    Purchase 100 or more and you pay just $65.16 per bundle*

    *These prices are available until June 30, 2017

    Previous Editions

    BC Science 8 -visit the product page here and the student online learning centre here

    BC Science 9 -visit the product page here and the student online learning centre here