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PubEasy / EDI


McGraw-Hill is proud to partner with PubEasy, offering a business-to-business service that uses the Internet to facilitate business transactions with our college and professional retailers. Booksellers can check real-time title status, availability, order online and track orders, 24 x 7, using nothing more than an internet connection. To learn more about this exiting new service, click here. First time users register by clicking here. Registered members can access McGraw-Hill PubEasy by clicking here. For any assistance, please call McGraw-Hill Customer service at 1-800-565-5758

Pubnet / EDI

McGraw-Hill Ryerson has chosen BookNet Canada in partnership with Bowker and their Pubnet application as its EDI partner. You can now leverage the power of EDI to increase the effectiveness of your book supply-chain system and benefit from the following Pubnet features:

  1. Easy to use — Use your POS and access Pubnet via FTP or Dial-up, or use the web-interface (POW) to place orders.
  2. Fast order acknowledgement — within an hour of placing an order (via Pubnet Rapid Response System).
  3. One-step access to an ever-growing network of Pubnet-enabled publishers, and an expanding suite of key business documents ready for
  4. electronic transmission.
  5. Reliable, accurate and secure.
  6. Dedicated customer support via email, phone and fax.
  7. Top booksellers, libraries, and wholesalers are already using Pubnet to buy books electronically.

If you are a bookseller, college store, wholesaler, library, tradestore or bookclub, Bowker & McGraw Hill will work with you to develop systems to trade electronically with us using industry standards. Please send McGraw-Hill Ryerson the following information and a representative will be in touch with you soon.


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