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Pathways to success through partnership.

McGraw Hill Partnerships Program

Together we explore what’s possible, create new pathways, and expand our collective reach to help learners and professionals around the world achieve success.

We’ll help you access all the value that education has to offer through our extensive network of educators, our library of content, and our award-winning digital platforms. As partners, we work with you to create innovative solutions that solve existing market problems. Together, we can create meaningful learning experiences that lead to personal and professional success for all.

what’s possible.

  • Alternative credentials
  • Upskilling and reskilling programs
  • Workforce development platforms
  • International student support
  • Online program management
  • Inclusive and equitable access
  • Math placement
  • Digital transformation initiatives

Why Partner with McGraw Hill?

Person in discussion with their colleagues, red and light violet overlay on top. Person in discussion with their colleagues, red and light violet overlay on top.

Open Innovation

We work with you to generate new ideas, conduct market research and create online programs that respond to business trends. We know that operating in a highly competitive business environment requires innovation and we are here to work together, create, and execute a plan that drives agility and growth.

Leading Content

As a leading educational learning company, McGraw Hill has a long record of supporting teaching and learning across more than 28 countries. With our vast network of authors (how many, do you know?) and subject matter experts, you will get access to authoritative, vetted, and up-to-date content and learner assets from industry leaders and educators.

Award Winning Platforms

Our digital platforms provide data-driven insights, adapting to help meet learners where they are currently – and advancing with them as they progress toward their goals.

Flexible Design & Delivery

Whether you are looking to develop and deliver an online program or a series of online courses, our team will work with you to design a plan that exceeds your learner and business outcomes.

Professional Services

Our dedicated solutions architects and implementation teams will support you with instructional design and course frameworks, content curation and orchestration, LMS integration, training, and on-going support at every step. We are here to help you succeed.

Person working on their laptop with a red and light violet pathway overlay on top. Person working on their laptop with a red and light violet pathway overlay on top.

Our Partners

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“Partnering with McGraw Hill and UpSkill Corporation added tremendous value to IWC's Employment Services programming. Working together, the collaborative was able to respond effectively to a broader range of skills development needs of newcomers to Canada in new and innovative ways. Participants benefited from responsive, targeted supports for individualized soft-skills development, increasing their job-readiness and employability in the local labour market. From delivering mock interview panels to simulate real-life work experiences to their attendance at the program graduation, McGraw Hill and UpSkill Corporation’s commitment to participants and level of engagement was outstanding. We've seen fantastic outcomes from our collaborative work, and expect long-lasting impact for newcomers to Canada.”

Elizabeth Webb
Assistant Executive Director
Immigrants Working Centre

Pathways to success
through partnership.

Together we can:

  • Discover new pathways to growth.
  • Create new learning opportunities for personal and professional success.
  • Tackle challenges and build tailored solutions to meet collective goals.