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    • Save time and boost course performance with McGraw-Hill Connect®.


    What is Connect?

    Connect is a premier digital teaching and learning platform that allows instructors to assign and assess course material. While offering students the highest quality content and best-in-class, interactive, digital learning tools.

    Connect Includes:

    • one location for all course content
    • assignment and quiz banks
    • deep insights into student performance
    • recommendations for students to improve
    • adaptive learning tools that customize the student experience
    • simple LMS integration



    Connect and SmartBook won Three Honours for Education Technology

    Connect: Best Post-Secondary Solution, 2015


    Recognizes the best teaching and learning platform designed for post-secondary educators to manage content, student access and use, diagnostic and remediation programs, data management and reporting.

    Connect: Best Post-Secondary Personalized Learning Solution, 2015


    Recognizes the best educational application or service designed to support PK-12 or post-secondary education institutions in the development of faculty and administrative staff. Includes professional development programs and learning management systems.

    SmartBook: Best Learning Capacity-Building Solution, 2015


    Recognizes the best tool for learners in PK-12 or post-secondary markets that can be used to increase attention, responsibility, independence, and engagement in their learning tasks. Includes digital tools in learning sciences to optimize engagement.

    Click here to learn more about the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) CODiE Awards and read McGraw-Hill Education’s press release here.

    Students Prefer Connect with SmartBook to a Print Textbook

    Compared to a print textbook, students agree that Connect with SmartBook helped them:

    Have a more engaging study experience.

    Retain more knowledge for longer periods of time.

    Use their study time more efficiently.

    Data compiled from MHE Canada’s 2016 student opinion survey.  Learn More

    How Does Connect Work?

    Connect includes a continually adaptive reading experience, integrated learning resources and a visual analytics dashboard that delivers at-a-glance information regarding student performance, study behavior and effort. With Connect, instructors can deliver course materials, assignments, quizzes and tests online. Connect also allows students to practice important skills using best-in-class digital learning tools to ensure class-time is more engaging and effective.

    Learning Tools

    SmartBook® is a continually adapting reading experience that provides personalized learning resources at the precise moment of need. SmartBook identifies and closes knowledge gaps to make study time as productive and efficient as possible.

    Assessment Tools

    Develop a curriculum for your course using the best content for your students; a comprehensive library of resources such as
    quizzes, tests, and interactives provides you with options you can modify to suit your needs.


    Connect Insight® for Educators presents assignment, assessment, and topical performance results along with a time metric that is easily visible for aggregate or individual results.

    Why You Should use Connect?

    Because 81% of students agree their course is more engaging when they can use Connect with SmartBook.

    81% of students agree their course is more engaging when they can use Connect with SmartBook.

    Data compiled from MHE Canada’s 2016 student opinion survey.  Learn More

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