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Online academic integrity

McGraw Hill Canada supports institutions, instructors and students in the pursuit of academic integrity through our digital platforms and course design expertise.

Why is academic integrity important? 

Addressing academic integrity in higher education is essential in a time when course delivery approaches are rapidly changing. Institutions and educators must foster a culture of ethics as a proactive measure, while adapting their course design and assessment methods to curb academic dishonesty.

At McGraw Hill, we’re committed to improving academic integrity:

  • Internal analytics alert us to suspicious activity on our digital platforms
  • Secured access to instructor resources
  • A team dedicated to investigating piracy and integrity violations

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McGraw Hill Digital Platforms & Academic Integrity

McGraw Hill’s digital platforms offer a wide range of tools to help instructors create high-integrity courses and assessments. From personalization to policy settings, building a course that promotes academic integrity is simple.

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Build Student Confidence

Avoid academic dishonesty before it starts.

  • Simple, consistent layout of course resources and assignments.
  • Focus on the most important learning outcomes to avoid overwhelming students.
  • SmartBook readings and personalized quizzes to motivate and help students understand their grasp of course concepts.

Create High-Integrity Assignments

Leverage built-in policies and question types to design high-integrity assignments.

  • Assessment policies, including time limits, disabling printing, password protection, question pooling, and question scrambling.
  • A variety of available question types such as algorithmic questions, adaptive learning assignments and writing assignments.
  • Limit feedback and answer display to students to avoid answer-sharing.
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Leverage Real-World Assessment

Use interactive assessment types to encourage original work and build students’ skills.

  • Real-world, interactive assessments via application-based activities
  • Video and audio presentation assessments with GoReact
  • Hands-on assessment in Practice Marketing, Practice Operations and other simulation tools

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Academic Integrity Resources

In addition to academic integrity support through our digital platforms, we offer additional resources including thought leadership articles, webinars, events and more. Learn more about creating an environment that promotes academic integrity with these helpful tools:

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Remote Proctoring

McGraw Hill has partnered with Proctorio to offer assessment integrity tools within Connect. To find out how you can use remote proctoring in your Connect course, reach out to us today.

Get your Academic Integrity Success Kit

To promote a culture of ethics in your course, it is important to understand why students make the decision to engage in academic dishonesty, and how to prevent it before it happens. Download our Success Kit to learn more:

  • What is academic dishonesty?
  • Course design strategies for success
  • Tips to prevent cheating
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