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    I’m ready to adopt Connect for my course. What do I do?

    Great! You’re on the road to higher achievement. Contact your Learning Solutions Consultant to get started here.

    My students and I are new to Connect and the first day of class is fast approaching. Help!

    Our Digital Success Consultants will partner with you and guide you and your students toward success with Connect. Digital Success Consultants offer personalized, one-on-one training and customized resources for you and your students.

    To find out more about Digital Success Consultants, contact your Learning Solutions Consultant here.

    I’m new to Connect and I need personalized training. What resources are available to me?

    Your Digital Success Consultants provides you with a wide range of resources starting with:

    • a pre-training video to demonstrate critical steps you must take prior to training
    • virtual one-on-one training customized for you and your course
    • email support and training throughout your usage period with Connect

    To connect with your Digital Success Consultants, contact your Learning Solutions Consultant here.

    How do I connect with my Digital Success Consultant?

    To connect with your Digital Success Consultant, contact your Learning Solutions Consultant here.

    How do I create a course in Connect?

    Learn how to create your course here.

    How do I edit or delete a course?

    Learn how to edit or delete a course here.

    I used Connect last semester, do I have to build my new course from the ground up?

    No. With Connect you can easily reuse a previous course and all of its assignments by simply duplicating the course. You can duplicate the course and retain content, policies and start and due dates, or edit them as you see fit. Learn more here.

    How to do I access Connect help and tutorials?

    Find Connect tutorials here.

    I need technical support. Help!

    Contact our customer experience group for technical support here.

    What features are available to me within Connect?

    Discover Connect features for Instructors here.