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    Adaptive Reading

    The First and Only Adaptive Reading Experience. Available within McGraw-Hill Connect®, SmartBook® is the first and only adaptive reading and learning solution designed to transform how students read and learn. SmartBook identifies and closes knowledge gaps through a continually adapting reading experience that provides personalized learning resources at the precise moment of need. This ensures that every minute spent with SmartBook is returned to the student as the most value-added minute possible. The result? More confidence and motivation, better grades, greater success.

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    Intuitive Interface

    We designed a simple experience that’s a total cinch.

    Instant Feedback

    Easily track your progress with reports that reveal and target areas you need to prioritize for success in your course.

    In-Product Help and Tutorials

    If you need a little help, or want to learn tips and tricks for super users, you can find tutorials as you work.

    Lecture Capture

    You can target the information you need with a powerful keyword search function that allows you to effortlessly pinpoint relevant information within the lecture recording, at your convenience.

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