Preparing students for entry-level courses

Whether a student has a goal of remediating and testing into an entry level course, or they’re currently ready for Calculus, all faculty agree that even the strongest students would benefit from brushing up on lost knowledge. Effective remediation can substantially reduce failure rates, while improving student performance.

True cost of placement

The cost of placement for many may be perceived as just an out-of-pocket cost of administrating their math or language exams. However, after evaluating the impact of the exam on the student and the institution, the true cost of a placement exam can be significantly higher.

Detailed analytics

Receiving detailed diagnostics about your entire student body is mission critical for any institutional administrator. These reports can be used for both internal placement purposes and within academic departments when evaluating course teaching needs. Furthermore faculty could better analyze their current course structure.

Retention and Revenue

Retention of students is a major concern for most schools in Canada. According to News & World Report determined in 2014: “… that as many as 1 in 3 freshman leave after their first year…”. Data has shown that accurate placement exams and effective remediation can substantially reduce failure rates and increase retention.

Math Placement & Preparation

A properly administered placement process places students into the courses in which they belong based on their demonstrated skills. Proper placement can save institutions and students significant money and can be the key element in student success! Many schools currently place students using standardized test scores, home-grown written or online exams, or other placement products.

However no two students have the same learning path. ALEKS Placement, Preparation & Learning (PPL) is a comprehensive approach to accurately assess and prepare students for success in math courses. With an adaptive, open-response assessment, ALEKS PPL accurately places college & university students into courses ranging from basic math through first-semester calculus. The program then prepares students for their math courses through individualized, adaptive learning in the Prep and Learning Module. Students can then retake the assessment in order to place into a higher level course.

Digital Teaching & Learning Platform

McGraw-Hill Connect strengthens the link between faculty, students and coursework, helping everyone accomplish more in less time. Innovative, adaptive technology engages students in the course content so they are better prepared, are more active in discussion, and achieve better results.

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