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by Thomas Byers, Richard Dorf, Andrew Nelson

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For business, engineering, science, and professional students who demand a comprehensive guide to high-growth entrepreneurship, Technology Ventures is the leading resource for analyzing opportunities and building new enterprises. Drawing on the latest academic research and practitioner insights, Technology Ventures integrates clear theoretical frameworks with action-oriented examples and exercises. Its broad perspective on "technology," including clean tech, information technology, and the life sciences - ensures wide-ranging appeal to anyone with an interest in high-potential ventures. Entrepreneurship is playing a vital role in finding solutions to the huge challenges facing civilization, including health, communications, security, infrastructure, education, energy and the environment. Coverage on customer engagement, the customer development process, and the latest insights on business model design, have been expanded. Special attention has been paid to university technology commercialization, open source innovation, and opportunities in mobile, digital health, 3D printing, and energy tech. The organization of key topics such as: intellectual property, the new venture organizations, and marketing and sales, has been enhanced. Also available with this edition are additional web-based resources, including syllabi and presentations, additional cases and business plans, and hundreds of videos of entrepreneurs and leaders.

Part I - Venture Opportunity and Strategy

1) Venture Opportunity and Strategy

2) Opportunities

3) Vision and the Business Model

4) Competitive Strategy

5) Innovation Strategies

Part II - Concept Development and Venture Formation

6) Concept Development and Venture Formation

7) Risk and Return

8) Creativity and Product Developement

9) Marketing and Sales

10) Types of Ventures

Part III - Intellectual Property, Organizations, and Operations 

11) Intellectual Property

12) The New Enterprise Organization

13) Acquiring and Organizing Resources

14) Management of Operations

15) Acquisitions and Global Expansion

Part IV - Financing and Leading the Enterprise

16) Financing and Leading the Enterprise

17) The Financial Plan

18) Sources of Capital

19) Deal Presentations and Negotiations

20) Leading Ventures to Success

New to this Edition

Connect and SmartBook are available for the first time with this edition.

Retained Features

A set of 20 fundamental principles are developed and defined throughout the book. Each chapter opens with a key question and outlines its content and objectives.

Examples of cutting-edge technologies illustrate concepts in a shaded-box format. Exercises are offered at the end of each chapter to test comprehension of the concepts.

A special exercise called the "venture challenge? guides readers through a chapter-by-chapter formation of a new enterprise. At the end of each chapter's narrative, a successful enterprise is profiled in a special "spotlight" section.

Methods and tools for the development of a business plan are gathered into one chapter, which includes an annotated table of contents. Appendix A includes a sample business plan, as well.

Eight comprehensive cases are included in Appendix B. Additional cases from Harvard and ECCH are recommended on the textbooks websites.

A collection of suggested videos from world-class entrepreneurs, investors, and teachers is listed at the end of each chapter and provided on the textbooks websites.

Websites for this book are available: McGraw-Hill Education ( and Stanford University ( Both websites are frequently updated and feature many resources for students and instructors.

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