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Less Managing, More Teaching, Better Learning McGraw-Hill  offers a world of resources for your teaching and learning needs. Below you will find more information on Connect, and links to the many other technology solutions available. Our local Canadian development team can also provide custom solutions that will support your specific requirements. Your Learning Solutions Consultant is available to discuss your technology needs and help identify the solution that is right for you.

Adaptive Reading & Learning

This suite spans the entire learning process – from course prep to concept mastery – and it creates high impact study sessions that focus students on the concepts that they need to learn, ensuring that each student is deliberately practicing the concepts that they need to learn or are struggling with, and identifying and bringing back the content that the student is most likely to forget.

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Math Placement & Preparation

Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces is a Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS™ uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn’t know in a course. ALEKS™ then instructs the student on the topics she is most ready to learn.

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Digital Teaching Platform

McGraw-Hill Connect™ strengthens the link between faculty, students and coursework, helping everyone accomplish more in less time. Innovative, adaptive technology engages students in the course content so they are better prepared, are more active in discussion, and achieve better results.

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Automated Lecture Capture

Tegrity’s powerful learning features improve academic achievement by making study time incredibly efficient; and its fully-automated operation lets institutions affordably scale campus-wide – bringing the benefits to all students.

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Learning Management System Integration

MH Campus™ integrates all of your digital products from McGraw-Hill Education with your school LMS for quick and easy access to best-in-class content and learning tools. Build an effective digital course, enroll students with ease and discover how powerful digital teaching can be.

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MS Office Training

Since 1999, instructors have been using SIMnet™ to measure student outcomes in a virtual Microsoft® Office environment. Now completely online, with nothing to install, students can practice and study their skills at home or in the school lab. At McGraw-Hill, we help your students become life-long learners!

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To ensure that students and instructors have essential course materials we have various solutions available check some of them bellow

Other solutions

We have other essential material to Professional areas such